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IDTypeWhereDateDescription Wolf and Tainted Soul was added. on Seacrest Grounds were fixed. now, is possible imbue items with the balance in the bank and money in backpack. items in the Imbuing system were added.[NEW SPELLS - SUMMER UPDATE] Now you can use the new spells of Summer Update: exevo gran con hur, exevo gran con vis, exevo gran con grav. Please download the new Legendera Client 10.00 (UPDATED 15/AUGUST) or 11.42 for not get debug. is possible become a Citizen of Vikia, Ghala and Pyre. system was checked, now works fine. paralyze rune was improved. spells for the paladins were balanced (exevo mas san, exori con, exori san and exori gran con). Also the spells of knights (exori, exori gran and exori gran ico) were changed. Now all vocations have hits more equlibrate. was fixed, not cause more debug. NPC Sama was added in imbuing area. Atrad now sell infernal bolt. minor map issues have been fixed. chat channels were added for different countries and languages. were improved, remember every time you die you need to say the command: !bless / !aol so you do not miss anything. is possible Look in the Battle List window on the client. Anemone was fixed, now summon correctly. a floor that was missing in a cave of Pyre. of some spells were balanced. bugs reported on the map were fixed. debugs in the area of Glooth Bandits of Oramond.
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