Character Information
Name:Dat Boi nl
Guild Membership:a Member of the The Cunts
Balance:0 gold coins
Last login:23 December 2016, 6:34 pm
Created:10 December 2016, 9:01 am
Golden Ticket:inactive
Total online time:3 days, 13 hours, 40 minutes
Level: 307
Magic: 99
Fist: 13
Club: 14
Sword: 10
Axe: 10
Distance: 10
Shielding: 33
Fishing: 10
HP: 1680/1680
MP: 8685/9005

Experience: 477,085,879 EXP.
To level 308: 483,321 (10%) experience.
Stamina 42h (100%).
Offline Training 12h 0m (100%).
Quests (0/20)
Demon Helmet
Pits of Inferno
Wrath of The Emperor
Behemoth Quest
Black Knight Quest
Chayenne Realm Quest
Demon Oak Quest
Fanfare Quest
In Service of Yalahar
The Inquisition Quest
Koshei the Deathless Quest
Sam's Old Backpack Quest
Secret Service
Shadows of Yalahar Quest
Greenhorn Arena
Scrapper Arena
Warlord Arena
Elite Arena
Magma Set Quest

Character Deaths
23 Dec 2016, 18:34Died at level 307 by Jonnathanrengifo and Romeo
23 Dec 2016, 18:05Died at level 307 by King Arielson and Zio Prock
23 Dec 2016, 17:27Died at level 307 by Blazer and Skull
20 Dec 2016, 13:15Died at level 304 by Hop Is Back and Bold Hero
19 Dec 2016, 14:40Died at level 297 by Paki Twat and Itz Sanaxo

Account Information
Loyalty Title:Warden of Legendera
Last login:23 December 2016, 8:58 am
Created:10 December 2016, 8:58 am
Account Status:Premium Account

Account Achievements

NameVocation (level)Status 
1. Adolf Christ Druid (8) Offline
2. Dat Boi Sorcerer (307) Offline
3. Reptilian Overlord None (1) Offline

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