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Defend The King Event


Defend The King is an automatic event that takes place on, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 16:00 hours, teleport to access the event opens in thais temple and will be accessible for 10 minutes to go this time the teleport is closed and will start the event.


Maximum of 160 players.
You may not use MC.
If any team to stay with a smaller number, the last player to enter will be moved to balance the teams.

Only players with level 120+ can enter to the event.

How does it work ?

Upon entering the teleport will be automatically divided two teams for the event, "Attackers" and "Defenders". Each team will have a different goal, check below.


Its main objective will be to kill the King before they run the event time (40 minutes). After starting the event, the attackers must destroy the gate to invade the castle and race against time to access the second floor and kill the king. It is located in a room protected by two energy blocks that can only be destroyed by activating two levers in the Castle, also located on the same floor:

After activating the levers, access to King's room will be released!


Its main purpose is to protect the King at all costs for 40 Minutes (Event Time). If attackers manage to infiltrate the castle, so organize your team to protect the levers, a good strategy is needed to win the team of defenders.

NOTE: Players does not lose levels, skills and even items inside of the event!


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