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19 Aug 2017 -
[AUTOLOOT] Today was activated! Example:...
[AUTOLOOT] Today was activated! Example: !autoloot add,gold coin
19 Aug 2017 -
[BONUS] Today Saturday and Sunday 30% more...
[BONUS] Today Saturday and Sunday 30% more exp bonus!
15 Aug 2017 -
[NEW SPELLS - SUMMER UPDATE] Now you can use the new...
[NEW SPELLS - SUMMER UPDATE] Now you can use the new spells of Summer Update: exevo gran con hur, exevo gran con vis, exevo gran con grav. Please download the new Legendera Client 10.00 (UPDATED 15/AUGUST) or 11.42 for not get debug.
15 Aug 2017 -
[UPDATE] Today with the Server Save, we launched a...
[UPDATE] Today with the Server Save, we launched a new UPDATE, so you must download the new client HERE to have the new arrow, bolt, outfits and mounts. Do not worry, it will still be compatible with the Bot you are currently using.
4 Aug 2017 -
[NEW CLIENT] For access fine to the game, please...
[NEW CLIENT] For access fine to the game, please download the new client 10.00 here. Also you can play from now with the latest client 11.41
3 Aug 2017 -
[START 05 AUGUST] The server inauguration hour is...
[START 05 AUGUST] The server inauguration hour is the next:
19:00 Central Europe Time (Poland, Sweden, Norway, Germany)
18:00 Greenwich Mean Time (Great Britain)
14:00 Brasilia Time (Brazil)
13:00 Eastern Daylight Time (New York)
12:00 Central Daylight Time (Mexico)
12:30 Venezuelan Standard Time (Venezuela)
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Port: 7171
Client: 10.00 - 11.43
Whatsapp: +52 1 55 49 58 57 05

Welcome to Legendera Full Map Rl 10.00 - 11.43 | Dedicated Server | Online 24/7

The best Alternative OT Server with exclusive Rl Map Full, including new areas as Otherworld, Krailos, Ferumbras Ascendant Quest, main quests without missions, Reward system, power hunt system Anti-block respawn, exclusive areas for PVP called War Anti-intruder and great settings for a fun game play as Equip Hotkey and Global Depot. Also awesome features as Prey System, Inspector System, Imbuing System, Wrap/Unwrap System, Store system (shop in-game), Trainer stamina, NPC balance and New Potions, Critical, Hitpoints and Mana Leech System, Login Protection System and compatible with Client 11.43. We work daily for fixing any existing bugs.

Download Client 10.00 - 11.43

Most powerfull guilds

The Rushers

79 kills


36 kills

Suicide Squad

26 kills

Rektby Who

21 kills

Galletas Maria

20 kills
3 Aug 2017 17:51 -
Legendera-Global New Launch

Posted by [DEV] Legendz

egendera-Global Opening 05/08/2017 at 12:00 hrs.

Our main goal is to ensure high quality gameplay with active and helpful paid employees.

Our server is comprised of Global Map with all 11+ updated areas, systems, mounts, outfits, quests, automatic event items and more.

What can you find in our server?

Some exclusive features:

     - Roshamuul (Lower Roshamuul) Full Quest, not missions

     - Forgotten Knowledge Full Quest, not missions

     - Deepling Outfit Full Quest, not missions

     - Heart of Destruction Full Quest, not missions

     - Ferumbras' Ascendant Full Quest, not missions

     - All Achievements 100%

     - Cast System with exclusive commands

     - Reward Chest working correctly

     - Equip Hotkey

     - New Bank System (you do not have to carry gold coin with you at all times)

     - Walkable Fields (Monsters do not go through certain fields, unless attacked)

     - Anti-Kick Protection

     - Regeneration of Stamina in offline and online trainings

     - Global Depot (with infinite pagination)

     - Global Frag System with command !frags or !kills

     - Cleaning houses after 7 days inactive

     - Wrap Furniture System (packaging of decorative items)

     - Golden Tokens System (create weapons with Critical / Leech - Npc Yana)

     - Silver Tokens System (create armors - Npc Cledwyn)

     - Automatic PvP Events, Battlefield and Last Man Standing

     - Private War with several options for better team balancing (War Anti-Intruder)

     - Report bugs using CTRL + Z or command !report (fixed daily)

     - Otherworld, Krailos, Gray Beach, Roshamuul with resources, Halls of Hope,

Warzone I,II,III, Ferumbras Ascendant, Hearth of Destruction, Grimvale.

     - Latest 10.0+ client

     - Retro speed formula (higher levels are faster)

     - Latest Areas and Monsters 10.0+

     - Latest Outfits & Mounts 10.0+

     - Latest Bosses 10.0+

     - Latest systems (Imbuing, Prey) 10.0+

     - We are perfectionists, that is, you will not see bugs as easily, but if you see, report and soon it will be fixed.

Some systems and areas located in our server:

Door of level 999

Get level 999, cross the level 999 door and obtain $50 USD, all addons, all mounts, weapon 250 Atk (Throwing Star of Sula) and 1000 premium points! In partnership with one of the top levels of Tibia, we have the most updated map of history and even the island discovered shortly, we are updating the words of the NPC of the island according to information.

Prizes of level 999

Also with lvl 999 you get a real shirt and coffee cup with the logo of Legendera!

We accept more ideas of prizes!

Prey System

You can choose with random re-rolls between various types of monsters to increase loot / exp / damage / reduction.

Imbuing System

You can enchant certain items with new bonuses such as life leech, mana leech, resists, etc.

Wrap System

You can package or unpack your items.

Retro Outfits

Astral Shapers

...and all the new bosses.

We hope you enjoy our work, we like the details, then you will realize that our server does not have visual defects or anything, we work in everything to guarantee them a constant fun, where they will make friends and of course also enemies so that they can enjoy Of our PvP, without further ado, we count on its most illustrious presence in the opening of the new Brazilian server of open tibia full of adventures, will be on 05/08/2017 at 12:00 hrs, Create your account right now and be ready!

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